Public Works of Art in Reading

There are a surprising number of sculptures in Reading, But as someone once remarked 'Reading is perhaps the most secretative of all English towns in hiding its works of art

In this section we try to identify as many of the pieces as possible that are on public display in Reading.

We are most grateful to Sidney Gold for bringing many of these pieces to our attention and supplying much of the information; also to Alison Bennett and the Civic Society for providing many of the photographs.

They are arranged in alphabetical order of the sculptor.

Click on the titles to see the images and learn more about the sculpture and its artist

Frederick George Anstey - Queen Victoria (P8401)

Kevin Atherton - The Compleat Angler (P8427)

Clare Biggar - Gateway (P8429)

William Bloye - George (P8451)

John and Matthias Christmas - Kendrick Monument (P8434)

Collier and Catley - War Memorial (WM5238)

Marcus Cornish - Frances Kendrick (P8455)

Martin Donlin - Link Block Windows (P8435)

Matt Doyle - Forbury Monolith (P8403)

Alfred Drury - King Edward VII (P8445)

Alfred Drury - Martin Hope Sutton (P8447)

Elisabeth Frink - The Executioner (P8404)

William Silver Frith - Hugh de Boves Memorial (P8405)

William Silver Frith - Hugh Cook Faringdon Memorial (P8406)

William Silver Frith - Sumer is icumen in(P8407)

John Gingell - Crystal Beacon (P8428)

Hayden & Batting - Frank Attwells' Memorial (P8437)

Bhajan Hunian - Hexham Road Tree (P8432)

Charles Sargeant Jagger - Marquess of Reading (P8436)

G Maile and Son - Henry I (P8408)

James Marshall - Angels (P8409)

William Charles May - Town Hall Frieze (P8410)

Lorne McKean - Girl and the Swan (P8411)

Jon Mills - Tree Grills (P8442)

Liz Mulchinock - Adam, Libby and Karen (P8412) (temporarily moved into store 2016)

Samuel Nixon - Richard Valpy (P8448)

Andrew Ohlson - Heads (P8413)

Charles Pinker - Henry I (P8414)

Steve Radford - Gordon Baverstock Memorial (P8431)

Wendy Ramshaw - Time Piece (P8441)

John Ravera - New Century Place (P8438)

Peter Sainty - Reading Piece (P8426)

George Simonds - George Palmer (P8430)

George Simonds - Maiwand Lion (WM5160)

George Simonds - Queen Victoria (P8416)

Brian Slack - Cartwheeling Boys (P8417)

Anne Smythe - Holy Brook Entrance (P8433)

Jens-Flemming Sorenson - Interpretation of Ruins (P8418)

Robert Spiller - Simeon Obelisk (P8419)

Eric Stanford - Guardian of the Gate of Sparta (P8449)

Eric Stanford - Requiem (P8420)

George Wade - King Edward VII (P8421)

Wheeler Bros - Drinking Fountain (P8422)

Wheeler Bros - Harrinson memorial (P8423)

Wheeler Bros - Jubilee Fountain (P8424)

Bruce Williams - Oscar Wilde (P8439)

Linh Wu - Reed Sculpture (regrettably now removed) (P8443)

A number of pieces are by artist unknown

Huntley and Palmers (P8440)

Bernard Hieatt Memorial (P8425)

Forbury Fountain (P8444)

Barclays Bank Doorway (P8446)

Queen Victoria Plaque (P8450)

Caversham Park Statue (P8452)

Old Father Time (P8453)

Three Heads (P8454)

John Blagrave (P8456)

St Laurence Window (P8457)

Reading Museum Sculpture Gallery

There are also many pieces of sculpture on display in the 2nd floor gallery of Reading Museum, ranging from carved decorated capitals from Reading Abbey to a small work by Rodin

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