The Memorial

How it came about

The Memorial to Fred Potts VC was conceived after a visit by members of the families of both Trooper Fred Potts and Trooper Arthur Andrews were invited to the Imperial War Museum for a special viewing of Fred's medals. The medals are still owned by the family but because of their value, both monetary and sentimental, they have been placed at the Imperial War Museum for safe keeping.

In collaboration with the then Mayor of Reading, Fred Pugh, and the then MP for Reading West, Martin Salter, a small committee was set up to explore possibilities. The effort was supported administratively by Reading Borough Council who made a small grant to get the project off the ground.

With the assistance of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, artists from all parts of Britain were invited to submit their ideas for a suitable memorial and exemplify the work they had already produced. In all twenty-one artists applied and every one would have been capable of producing what was wanted. We narrowed the list down to a short list of six by selecting those who had previously undertaken major military works and finally Tom Murphy from Liverpool was selected.

The initial estimates for the project were around 250,000 and fund raising began. By early 2015 the fugure had been adjusted to just under 200,000 and sufficient funds had been raised for the Committee to give the final go-ahead. Planning permission was required and this hurdle has now been overcome to the satisfaction of both the Committee and the Reading Borough Council planners.

By March 2015 the work was well underway, contractors were selected for all the many tasks involved with over 40 people from nine companies participating as well as several specialist profesionals.

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