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We believe this was an opportunity to participate in the creation of a cultural and historical feature which is situated prominently within central Reading. We believe that supporters and donors feel a real pride in having been part of what is undoubtedly an iconic feature of Reading in much the same way that the Maiwand Lion in Forbury Gardens became. We made the appeal not just to the people and enterprises of Reading but to the whole of Berkshire, including the parts now administered by Oxfordshire as this was the area from which the men of the Berkshire Yeomanry were recruited.

It is of interest to visitors to Reading, residents, schools, colleges and historians from all over Berkshire.

It helps to foster pride in the town and in the achievements of its citizens.

It helps to stimulate visitors to this part of Reading to be aware of, and think about, the contributions and sacrifices of others.

The Memorial includes a Roll of Honour which lists the names of the 426 men serving with the Berkshire Yeomanry who lost their lives in the wars of the 20th Century; 42 in the Boer War, 353 in the Great War and 31 in the Second World War

If a member of your family is one of those who fell, it helps to ensure that his memory will be celebrated at the annual Service of Remembrance.

The memorial also displays the badge of the Berkshire Yeomanry as well as that of the Victoria Cross.

You have helped us to deliver the educational aims of the project, especially to aid the understanding of the Great War elements of the National Curriculum.

The memorial helps parents and teachers to explain the roles of volunteers, such as the Yeomanry and Territorial Forces who now play such a vital role in the army of today.

The memorial helps students to explore the nature of bravery, such as exhibited by Potts and Andrews, and the roots of conflict such as the Gallipoli campaign

It helps students come to grips with success and failure and the role of leadership, not just in battle but in life in general.

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