The Roll of Honour

The memorial began life as just a memorial to Fred Potts, but it soon emerged that what was needed also was a commemoration of the sacrifices of all the men of the Berkshire Yeomanry who fought for King and Country in the wars of the 20th century.

Thus our memorial will be in two parts. In the foreground will be the statue of Fred Potts rescuing Arthur Andrews but in the background against the wall of Forbury Gardens will be a Roll of Honour to all the 426 men of the Berkshire Yeomanry who died as a result of their service.

It will consist of four panels mounted on a stone plinth which will give the name and rank of the men arranged in four groups:-

The Boer War where the Berkshire Yeomen formed part of the Imperial Yeomanry

The First World War when Berkshire Yeomen fought as a Yeomanry unit

The First World War - former Yeomen after Berkshire Yeomen were transferred to other units of the British Army

The Second World War when Berkshire Yeomen were assigned to a wide variety of different units

You can see all the names and learn something of the men by clicking on the panel to the left

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